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Things I Have Learned This Year

This year has truly been a long year for me.  I can’t say that it has been a bad year just a year with a lot of changes.  When I  go back to memory lane and think about all that has happened it’s a little overwhelming.  There are a few things that I have learned along the way.

May 27th, 2012 I got married to my wonderful husband.  Words of advice from someone who planned their own wedding. Read more

Kauai, Hawaii

Tonight is the last night of our Honeymoon.  It has been ten days full of adventures of all kinds.  One of the best things we saw was some spinner dolphins when we went on a boat cruise around the island.  More to come after we get back to L.A. Read more

Our Hawaiian Honeymoon

After almost seven months of being married, and with a baby on the way, Mircea and I are finally on our honeymoon.  At the moment we are in our second location, a nice little place called the Teak Room, in Kauai.  The place is very nice but upon arriving we discovered the mosquitoes that will no doubt eat us alive over the next few days.  Luckily we have a zap light that will hopefully help, along with a friendly gecko that has found his way into the room.

The Relaxed Portrait Photo Session

I have been teaching Bobby yoga for about 2 years now and he had asked me to take nice portraits of him.  Here are the images that we were able to get this Tuesday.  It was a quick and easy shoot with a lot of laughter and fun.  Read more

Christmas Baby – Valentina is Six Months Old

It was six months ago when I had the honor and pleasure of photographing Valentina’s entrance into this world.  I cannot believe how much she has changed and grown since then.  It always amazes me how quickly children change.  Saturday was a whirlwind of a photo shoot, when you are working with children you have a very small window where they are perfectly happy and willing to be a model.   Read more

13 Weeks and Counting

With the 3 am night snacks, crying outbursts while watching Modern Family, so far pregnancy has definitely been a roller coaster ride.  I have my happy days and my hide in the house days.  My belly has definitely grown and I have had to purchase maternity pants.  The body changes have definitely been a mind challenge for me.   The picture of me in the blue shirt I was 8 weeks and the picture of me in the grey shirt I was 13 weeks.  Mircea says there is not much of a change, I see a huge change. Read more

Another Rescue Success Story

If you happen to know of anyone or would be interested in inviting either one of these dogs into your home please email me at

This past Sunday, Mircea and I were in Palm Springs.  It was a beautiful weekend with beautiful weather, and we were on our way to his family’s church anniversary party.  We were one block away as we slowed at a stop sign, and I saw the cutest little black puppy on the street corner.  I told Mircea to pull over, and I got out to approach the dog.  He quickly bolted in the other direction, obviously scared.  I crouched down on the sidewalk holding out my hand like I had a treat, but the dog was too scared and continued to stay away from me.  I looked up across the street and I saw another small dog with huge ears and lighter in color.  Both dogs were completely filthy, and the beige one’s back left leg was hurt, because any time it would run it would hold its leg up and run on three legs.  But on the bright side he definitely seemed to be more approachable. Read more

Josh and Vanessa’s Desert Falls Country Club Wedding

Yesterday Mircea and I were in beautiful Palm Springs.  We were there to photograph Josh and Vanessa’s wedding.  The ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful Desert Falls Country Club in Palm Desert.  It was such a gorgeous day yesterday.  The sky was ice blue and there were white puffy clouds passing by in the sky, it was truly the perfect day for a wedding.  The two love birds said beautiful vows to one another professing the love that they share between one another.  It was a fairly small wedding 50 guests which made it a very cozy and intimate occasion.  There was great food, lots of dancing  and people celebrating this beautiful union between two wonderful people.  This is a sneak peek at one of my favorite images of the day.


I absolutely love summer turning into fall, watching the leaves change and making our way into the holiday months.  When I think of Halloween as a kid, I think of it quite fondly.  I have memories of carving pumpkins with my sister on the kitchen floor and roasting pumpkin seeds.  I recall trick or treating in the village with the aroma of chimney smoke in the air, and a crispness in the air that only fall can bring to the mountains.   We would stop by all our friends’ houses to collect our candy and then make our way back to my house for the most exciting part of the night, dumping out the candy on the floor, counting and organizing all the candy we collected.

One tradition that I have still maintained today is carving pumpkins.  There is nothing like digging my hand into that slimy pumpkin and pulling out all of its guts.  It instantly brings me back to my childhood tradition and a place of comfort.  I absolutely love to roast pumpkin seeds, and of course eat them.  One year I ate 5 pumpkins worth of seeds in a matter of 24hrs.  Take it from me not a good idea, but that truly shows you my dedication to eating pumpkin seeds.

This year I picked out a pumpkin from the Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California.  I went with my wonderful neighbors Spencer and Kristin.  We had the best time.  We then spent the evening carving pumpkins, eating great food, and enjoying a delicious pumpkin pie made by Kristin.  This year  I chose quite a challenging pattern to carve.  It had lots of detail and about a quarter into carving it I was wondering what had gotten into me when choosing this Owl.  Either way enjoy my carving pics, there is also a picture of my sister and I dressed up and ready for Halloween:)))


Shutters On the Beach, Santa Monica Wedding

Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a wedding at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.  I was assisting the amazing Tauran Woo and we had the pleasure of photographing two very in-love people, Karissa and Adam.  Here is one of my favorite images of the day.

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