During our trip in Romania we went to the countryside to visit Mircea’s family.  The life in these small villages is a lot slower, with sheep herds grazing on the hills and in the evening the cows come roaming home, with their bells slowly clinging.  There are usually older people out in front of their homes, talking and enjoying the coolness of the evening.  But there are younger people there too, usually on summer vacation at their grandparents houses, enjoying being out of the city.

At Mircea’s aunt’s house in the mountains, Mircea tried out a traditional man’s outfit that used to belong to his uncle, including the hat.  His cousins and aunt absolutely loved it.  We also walked out of town more into the woods, where we ate wonderful forest raspberries right off the bush.  I could not believe how good they were, and I could not stop eating them.  We ate until our bellies were full before we headed back.

Haystack, Romania - Lyndsey Renee Photography