With the 3 am night snacks, crying outbursts while watching Modern Family, so far pregnancy has definitely been a roller coaster ride.  I have my happy days and my hide in the house days.  My belly has definitely grown and I have had to purchase maternity pants.  The body changes have definitely been a mind challenge for me.   The picture of me in the blue shirt I was 8 weeks and the picture of me in the grey shirt I was 13 weeks.  Mircea says there is not much of a change, I see a huge change.

I went in for my 12 week scan last Tuesday.  It had been a whole month since my last doctor’s visits.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the 3 inch baby in my stomach sucking on its thumb.  It was so sweet.  The heartbeat was a healthy 154bpm and everything looked really good.  Every scan I see it makes me that much more excited to hold our little baby.