If you happen to know of anyone or would be interested in inviting either one of these dogs into your home please email me at lyndsey@lyndseyrenee.com.

This past Sunday, Mircea and I were in Palm Springs.  It was a beautiful weekend with beautiful weather, and we were on our way to his family’s church anniversary party.  We were one block away as we slowed at a stop sign, and I saw the cutest little black puppy on the street corner.  I told Mircea to pull over, and I got out to approach the dog.  He quickly bolted in the other direction, obviously scared.  I crouched down on the sidewalk holding out my hand like I had a treat, but the dog was too scared and continued to stay away from me.  I looked up across the street and I saw another small dog with huge ears and lighter in color.  Both dogs were completely filthy, and the beige one’s back left leg was hurt, because any time it would run it would hold its leg up and run on three legs.  But on the bright side he definitely seemed to be more approachable.

I asked Mircea to go over to his church and getting me some meat to feed these dogs.  He came out with salami and warm chicken and to my surprise the beige one came up and ate right out of my hand.  He was very gentle but also very frail, obviously desperate for some positive attention.  The black one did not approach me at all, I had to throw him the food pretty far away for him to eat any of it, but he couldn’t resist the smell.  I really wanted to catch these dogs because I could tell that they needed help, and because they were just puppies.  Their teeth were actually white and healthy, and they would be very adoptable and make really great pets.  All they needed was some TLC.  Unfortunately I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get the black one so we decided that we would have to leave without catching them.  Although I could get the beige one, the two depended on each other on the street, so I did not want to separate them.  I left Palm Springs feeling quite deflated and sad, but I knew I had to try and do something.Stray Dog in Palm Springs - Lyndsey Renee Photography

That night and the next day I made a few phone calls and wrote some emails to animal rescue centers in Palm Springs.  Unfortunately I heard nothing.  I then received a phone call from a woman saying that she had a foster all set up and gave me the green light to go and rescue these puppies.  So with my Mom we made the trip back to Palm Springs on Wednesday.  It was again another beautiful day, and I didn’t know if the dogs would even still be there.  We drove down the street and I didn’t see them until we approached this car detailing shop.  There were four men sitting out in the driveway just relaxing and I saw the beige dog, then I saw the black one running around.  I was so happy to see them and felt a sense of relief, but still not sure if we would be successful in catching them.  We walked up to these guys and come to find out they had been feeding the dogs, but they were wanting to get them good homes and the pound had come by on Tuesday wanting to take them.

The problem was the black dog would not approach them.  He would sit and be around them, but he was very frightened.  To my surprise the beige one came right up to me and I immediately was able to pet him; he rolled on his back to get a belly rub and I knew getting him was not going to be a problem.  Our whole efforts were going to be put on catching little blackie.  My Mom and I waited there pretty much all day, waiting for the black dog to go into the trap we brought with us.  He was so smart that he went into the trap, put one foot in, tripped it, and then was able to escape before the door fully closed.  It was at that point that I knew we were going to need to take a different approach.  It literally took five human adults to outsmart this little guy that the shop guys called “Jeff.”  Finally, with a plan in place, we ended up cornering him in the garage.  We shut the doors and dropped a towel on him.  My Mom picked him up, I held the dog carrier, and in he went.  I felt so proud that we were successful in catching them, but as  in any animal rescue that’s not the end of the hard work.

As we were leaving Palm Springs I called the woman who had told me she knew a foster, only to have her tell me she didn’t actually have a foster.  All the people she called couldn’t do it.  I then contacted every person I knew, but none were able.  So we were left with two filthy dogs in that back seat sitting in a parking lot in Redlands with nowhere for them to go.

We had one last resort and ended up using a very good friend’s house in Wrightwood.  It was 10:30pm by the time we got everything set up for them, but they were living like kings, sleeping on heated doggie beds and having all the wet and dry food they could eat.  Within the next few days, they got groomed and quickly got very friendly with my Mom who has so graciously given her time to take care of them.

These two little puppies are absolutely adorable, but we cannot keep them and must find them each a good home.  If you happen to know of anyone or would be interested in inviting either one of these dogs into your home please email me at lyndsey@lyndseyrenee.com.

As you can tell from the pictures, these dogs have a lot of soul and a lot of love and appreciation.  They will give whoever opens up their home to them a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Stray Dog in Palm Springs - Lyndsey Renee PhotographyPuppy about to get his bathall cleaned up puppyrescued puppy before bathrescued puppy after bathrescued dog from palm springs