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I absolutely love summer turning into fall, watching the leaves change and making our way into the holiday months.  When I think of Halloween as a kid, I think of it quite fondly.  I have memories of carving pumpkins with my sister on the kitchen floor and roasting pumpkin seeds.  I recall trick or treating in the village with the aroma of chimney smoke in the air, and a crispness in the air that only fall can bring to the mountains.   We would stop by all our friends’ houses to collect our candy and then make our way back to my house for the most exciting part of the night, dumping out the candy on the floor, counting and organizing all the candy we collected.

One tradition that I have still maintained today is carving pumpkins.  There is nothing like digging my hand into that slimy pumpkin and pulling out all of its guts.  It instantly brings me back to my childhood tradition and a place of comfort.  I absolutely love to roast pumpkin seeds, and of course eat them.  One year I ate 5 pumpkins worth of seeds in a matter of 24hrs.  Take it from me not a good idea, but that truly shows you my dedication to eating pumpkin seeds.

This year I picked out a pumpkin from the Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California.  I went with my wonderful neighbors Spencer and Kristin.  We had the best time.  We then spent the evening carving pumpkins, eating great food, and enjoying a delicious pumpkin pie made by Kristin.  This year  I chose quite a challenging pattern to carve.  It had lots of detail and about a quarter into carving it I was wondering what had gotten into me when choosing this Owl.  Either way enjoy my carving pics, there is also a picture of my sister and I dressed up and ready for Halloween:)))


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