This year has truly been a long year for me.  I can’t say that it has been a bad year just a year with a lot of changes.  When I  go back to memory lane and think about all that has happened it’s a little overwhelming.  There are a few things that I have learned along the way.

May 27th, 2012 I got married to my wonderful husband.  Words of advice from someone who planned their own wedding.

  • One, hire a wedding planner not just the day of but someone that is with you the entire planning process.  You want someone who can handle a lot of the details that would otherwise be stressing you out.

  • Two, it’s a beautiful day, but it’s not as important as all the websites and t.v. shows lead you to believe.  It goes by so incredibly fast you’ll wonder why you fussed about so many little things.

  • Three, don’t allow others to push you around, stand your ground.  Everyone will have an opinion about how you should do things.  The bottom line is do exactly what you want.  It’s your day, and your time to shine.

As most of you all know I am a professional photographer.  I love my job.  I am always learning and growing from those I photograph. One of the most memorable experiences I had this past June was I had the honor and pleasure of photographing my first birth.  It was the most beautiful experience  I have ever encountered in my life.  Without this job I wouldn’t be able to be be a part of peoples most treasured moments.  It’s truly the very best part of being a photographer.   A few word of advice for when you hire a photographer.

  • One, do not hire someone because they are giving you the biggest discount.  The phrase, “you get what you pay for” truly applies to this.  Anyone can call themselves a professional photographer, but truly do your research.  You will thank yourself in the long run.

  • Two, images are a window into your past not only for you, but your children and children’s children after you have left this planet.  It’s important to really like the photos that were taken from these event.  Once you have hired your photographer and you absolutely love their work, make sure you fully trust them and allow them to do the job that you paid them to do.

  • Three, get to know your photographer.  Make sure your personalities jive.  You want to know your photographers temperament and overall demeanor.

Mircea and I are expecting out first child, the due date is June 1st 2013.  Having a baby is a huge deal.  Life changing.  I was convinced that getting pregnant would have taken a lot longer, but for us it was instant.  I was shocked when we found out.  I have mixed emotions about being pregnant and having a baby.  Some days I am really excited about it and can’t wait to hold the little thing and other days not so much.  A few thing I have learned from being pregnant.

  • One, it’s not as glamorous as it looks on the outside.  Being pregnant is not easy.  Your body changes so much.  The symptoms you suffer from just down right suck.  To name a few nausea, major bloating and gas, and extreme fatigue.

  • Two, it’s ok to be scared, the thought of pushing this thing out of my body is just down right scary!!!!  I never had to think about it until now.   Anytime there is a show with a woman giving labor I DO NOT want to watch.  I know millions and billions of woman have done it, but its still scary and it’s ok to be scared.

  • Three, it’s ok to talk about it all.  One thing I have realized while being pregnant is a lot of site’s and people talk about what a beautiful time being pregnant is.  I am not denying that it is a special time, but a lot of woman, websites, and blogs don’t talk about the challenging aspect that a woman can go through while being pregnant.  One if my friends said it best, you go through a morning process of what your life use to be.  And for myself I would have to say that is very true.

I know my life as a mother will never be the same as what it is now.  I am excited for the challenge and like I said I can’t wait to meet this little bundle, but it’s ok for woman to feel a sense of sadness without it being attached to a bag of guilt.

I hope some of the things I have learned from this year can help you in some way or another.  I want to thank you if you have stuck around reading and keeping up with my blog.  I also want to wish you a wonderful 2013 and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog posts.