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International Princess Project

Last night Mircea and I were in Irvine at the fifth annual “Fabric of Freedom Gala,” put together by the International Princess Project.  Through my sister, we got this amazing opportunity to photograph the event.  From their own website, “International Princess Project advocates for women enslaved in prostitution, helping them restore their lives and empowering them to live free.”  Started about seven years ago, they have gone into towns in India and set up sewing centers to make a clothing product called “punjammies,” which are really comfortable pajama bottoms.   Read more

Nixon Library Wedding in Yorba Linda

Tonight I spent the day in Yorba Linda with a great Chinese couple assisting Tauran.  The day started early as I arrived at the Bride’s parents’ house, where they held the traditional tea ceremony.  I had a great time snapping away as the couple performed the ceremony and the families participated and looked on.

After that we drove to Yorba Linda to the Nixon Library, where the American wedding portion of the day was held.  The couple looked lovely and lovingly into each others’ eyes as they said their vows, and throughout the whole day.  They really seemed to care a lot about each other, and the groom’s speech was fantastic.  The ceremony was held on the lawn of the library, right in front of the house where Nixon was born.  The reception was in a very beautiful ballroom, with three chandeliers, and beautiful mirrors throughout the room.  It was very presidential and reminded me of the White House.

Overall it was a really beautiful day and I had a great time shooting the couple and their lovely families.


Seven Degrees – Laguna Beach Wedding

September second, I was in beautiful Orange County shooting a wedding with Tauran Woo.  The day started off with the bride getting ready around 9:00 in the morning.  The couple getting married were Vietnamese and before the traditional American ceremony they had a tea ceremony Read more

Claudia’s Tea Party

Last Sunday I spent my early afternoon photographing this beautiful tea party themed bridal shower.  It was for a great girl named Claudia, and she had all her close friends and familythere, her side as well as the groom’s side.  They gathered to celebrate at the beautiful Garden Bistro in Studio City, which has an old English feel to it, sophisticated and proper.   Read more

Century City Persian Wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel

 L ast Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting my first ever Persian Wedding.  It was at the beautiful Intercontinental Century City hotel.  Once again I was assisting Tauran Woo, and this event was spectacular and very elaborate.  We arrived there around 1pm and quickly started shooting as the bride got ready.  By 3pm she emerged stunning and beautiful, and ready to meet her handsome groom. Read more

Romania Revisited

In the month while we were in Romania, we were very busy.  Often times we were running from one place to another, visiting cities, visiting family, or visiting friends.  I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but never had the time to go through them very carefully.  This week I’d like to share a few pictures that I was not able to post while on our trip. Read more

Photo-shoot with my Mom

This past Saturday I was actually a guest at a wedding.  I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  I was so excited to attend Adam McNelly and Kerrie Taylor’s wedding.  It has been awhile since I have seen a wedding from the guests point of view.  My mom, sister and Mircea were all there, the wedding was on the UCLA campus, it was so beautiful.   Read more

Michelle and David’s Rockin’ Wedding

  Y esterday I assisted a friend of mine, Vincent Sandoval.  We shoot Michelle and David’s wedding together, and let me tell you this wedding was quirky, and fun, and all over the place crazy.  We arrived at the Biltmore Hotel which is an  old swanky 1920’s hotel located in downtown LA.   Read more

Bel Air Bay Club Wedding – Sneak Preview

I spent yesterday assisting Tauran Woo photographing Diane and Paul’s wedding.  It was in the beautiful Pacific Palisades over looking to deep blue sea.  The ceremony and the reception was at the Bel Air Bay Club.  It was quite hot and humid yesterday, but it turned out to be a stunning wedding.  As the sun set in the west they said there vows committing there lives together.  They were surrounded by many friends and family.  It was an honor and a pleasure assisting Tauran Woo and capturing this very sweet couples special day.

Read more

Romania, the Countryside

During our trip in Romania we went to the countryside to visit Mircea’s family.  The life in these small villages is a lot slower, with sheep herds grazing on the hills and in the evening the cows come roaming home, with their bells slowly clinging.  There are usually older people out in front of their homes, talking and enjoying the coolness of the evening.  But there are younger people there too, usually on summer vacation at their grandparents houses, enjoying being out of the city. Read more

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