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Category: Animal

Another Rescue Success Story

If you happen to know of anyone or would be interested in inviting either one of these dogs into your home please email me at

This past Sunday, Mircea and I were in Palm Springs.  It was a beautiful weekend with beautiful weather, and we were on our way to his family’s church anniversary party.  We were one block away as we slowed at a stop sign, and I saw the cutest little black puppy on the street corner.  I told Mircea to pull over, and I got out to approach the dog.  He quickly bolted in the other direction, obviously scared.  I crouched down on the sidewalk holding out my hand like I had a treat, but the dog was too scared and continued to stay away from me.  I looked up across the street and I saw another small dog with huge ears and lighter in color.  Both dogs were completely filthy, and the beige one’s back left leg was hurt, because any time it would run it would hold its leg up and run on three legs.  But on the bright side he definitely seemed to be more approachable. Read more

Pika and the Great Rescue

Last Monday, Mircea and I went into the center of Cluj Napoca to meet up with a model that we were going to do a possible photo shoot with.  It was a very hot day as we were sitting at that table drinking our lemonades.  We were chit-chatting for quite some time when all of a sudden I looked across the street and saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I continued to look across the very busy street and there was this little kitten that came walking across this driveway meowing really loud.  We could hear the meow from where we were sitting and I began to get very concerned.   Read more

How to Save a Kitten’s Life

Lola as a kitten - Lyndsey Renee Photography, Los Angeles, CA

“She may have a neurological problem,” the vet said as he looked from Lola to me. “And you know, sometimes God has other plans that we do not always understand.”

I distinctly remember his facial expression after his first look at this pitiful, weak, and almost lifeless kitten.  I knew the prognosis would not be good.  He had done the awful procedural temperature check, she didn’t even move or flinch, her bum hairless and scabbed from her tail to her legs, due to all the acid from the diarrhea.  She hurled her body and head, almost like a worm moving it’s head to bury it in the sand, her eyes glazed over.

And then he dropped the bomb Read more

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