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Pika and the Great Rescue

Last Monday, Mircea and I went into the center of Cluj Napoca to meet up with a model that we were going to do a possible photo shoot with.  It was a very hot day as we were sitting at that table drinking our lemonades.  We were chit-chatting for quite some time when all of a sudden I looked across the street and saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I continued to look across the very busy street and there was this little kitten that came walking across this driveway meowing really loud.  We could hear the meow from where we were sitting and I began to get very concerned.   Read more

Sightseeing in Romania

A weekend ago we travelled with Mircea’s cousin, Alex, to several towns and destinations.  The first place we went to was the medieval town of Sighisoara, which sits on a hill overlooking the valley below.  It is the only such town in Romania that is still inhabited by people.  We arrived during the night and walked the old cobblestone streets looking for a place to eat.  The whole town has been renovated and it is very lovely, small, bright, and clean.

The Medieval Town of Sighisoara, Romania - Lyndsey Renee Photography

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Charming Romanian Buildings

So far we’ve been pretty busy in Romania, and although I’ve been taking many pictures, I have only been able to edit a few.  This week we spent a lot of time in Cluj.  Despite the heat, we’ve walked around the old part of town, the city center, and even went up one of the hills to a hotel where we got a good view of the town.  I took the image below after we climbed down and walked past the tramway route.  All the wires are used by the tram and the electric buses.  The public transportation is very efficient in the city, and we have never waited more than two or three minutes for a bus.

Cluj Napoca, Romania - Lyndsey Renee Photography

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My Time In Cluj

This week we spent most of our time in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Mircea’s birth town.  Cluj is actually the cultural center of Transylvania, and is a mix of old European city with communist era block towers surrounding the old city center.  We’re staying at Mircea’s apartment, where he grew up, which is in a nice neighborhood on the tenth floor, overlooking the surrounding hills. Read more

After the Wedding

It’s exactly three weeks since our wedding.  I have to say that going through the entire process of planning a wedding, I am a completely different wedding photographer.  I have a completely different perspective on what it truly feels like to be a bride. Read more

Out of Commission, Busy being a Bride

I am out of commission right now.   I am busy being a bride.  I’ll let you all know how I survived in next week’s post.Bride - Lyndsey Renee Wedding Photography, Los Angeles

One Week Left Until I Tie the Knot

This is the last week until I am a married woman.  So far this process has been very busy and stressful.  Despite this process being so intense, everything is finally coming together and I feel like I can take a deep breath and begin to relish the fruits of all the hard work both my mom and I have put in.   Read more

Wedding Beauty Regimen

As a bride I definitely want to look my best for the big day.  It’s weird how much energy I am now putting into healthy practices,  I know I should be on this regimen regardless of if it’s my wedding or not, but all of the sudden because I will be in front of 100 plus people I am now committed to this wedding “beauty regimen”. Read more

The Wedding Shower

Last Sunday I drove to my hometown, Wrightwood, to attend my wedding shower.  It was set up by my sister and mom, and attended by personal and family friends, and a few Romanian ladies from Mircea’s side.  It was truly a beautiful day.  The birds were chirping, the sky was deep blue and the temperature was perfect.   Read more

We’ve Chosen Our Wedding Cake

This week we had our second cake tasting at Susina Bakery and Cafe.  Susina is a beautiful little bakery in Los Angeles.  Like I mentioned in my post last week, Mircea found this gem when he was looking for a tasty dessert to celebrate either my birthday or one of our anniversaries.  One thing I noticed in comparison with Susie Cake’s is Susina had so many more cake options to choose from.  We choose five different cakes to taste.  The Red Velvet, the Berry Blossom, Chocolate Raspberry, the Bear Cake, and The Americano.  Read more

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